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Richard Rodriguez

Posted by Mubiyna Casey on

Brooklyn, NY

Parkour fitness

On weekends you can be found
vining around the city for places to monkey around

Favorite Movie of all Time
the Little Giants!

Favorite time of day to train

A quote you live by
just keep swimming

Your personal mantra
stay active, find time to play!

Your favorite part about HICKIES
I'm constantly on the go. My fav post about Hickies is slipping my shoes on and off!

Dream vacation
island getaway

Favorite training technique
Parkour and resistance. This combo makes me feel super human

Favorite post-workout snack
grilled chicken and avocado with water

How did you get into fitness?
My older cousins were always easy stronger than I was. I had no older brothers so I made it my mission to catch up, if not, surpass them.

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