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Rob Tressler

Posted by Mubiyna Casey on

Riverhead, NY

weight management, strength building, paleo (nutrition, lifestyle)

On weekends you can be found at:
either my girlfriends kitchen or my own cooking up some GOOD grub.

Favorite movie of all time:
Toy story. Not even embarrassed about it.

Favorite time of day to train:

A quote you live by:
"the grass isn't greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it."

Your personal mantra:
this is life...learn to love it.

Your favorite part about HICKIES:
being part of a kick ass team of friends working towards something bigger than ourselves. (Plus the potential to hopefully travel a bit!).

Dream vacation:
I'd have to join Keith on this one, take a year or two off and travel the world.

Favorite training technique:
strength training closely followed by sprints.

Favorite post-workout snack:
a big steak and big serving of veggies.

How did you get into fitness?:
training for the police academy I followed around some of the trainers and volunteered to work the desk at the gym. Decided I really liked that and went to the American Academy of Personal Training instead!

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