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Tenasia Hatch

Posted by Mubiyna Casey on

Detroit, Michigan

Weight-Loss; Transforming Nutritional Lifestyle

On weekends you can be found: Taking photos, discovering a new part of NYC, or hanging in one of my fav cafe's.

Favorite movie of all time: Very tough, but let's just say The Five Heartbeats.

Favorite time of day to train: 7am!

A quote you live by: "The Universe expands and contracts to the degree that you expand and contract."

Your personal mantra: "Action!"

Your favorite part about HICKIES: Being able to personalize my kicks for both style and efficiency!

Dream vacation: World tour, learning Arabic, French, Spanish...

Favorite training technique: Multi-Joint Complex Movements!

Favorite post-workout snack: Almond Butter Split Smoothie!

How did you get into fitness? I was a tomboy growing up and most of my family has suffered from weight-induced complications. Rather than engineer cars, I decided to engineer bodies....

Instagram: @onefreemindorg/ @tenasiaelon
Twitter: onefreemindorg

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