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Taking Over New York

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Conquering One of the Most Influential Cities in the World
HICKIES HQ's view of NYC
Ranked as one of the top 3 most influential cities in the world by Forbes, New York City holds unparalleled authority in art, culture, fashion, and finance. Being that these are driving factors in all of our decisions and New York is our backyard, we made the decision to move our focus to the Concrete Jungle. 

Our plan was simple; open as many new retail accounts as possible in three months with the lowest cost to the company. Our strategy, however, was not. We didn’t want to simply cold call these retailers and expect them to jump on board. We wanted to wow them. We wanted them to come to us.

So we hosted weekly lacing stations (free HICKIES in exchange for shoelaces) at Central Park, fitness activations with trainers from all specialties, and partnered up with retail powerhouses, Lululemon and Equinox to show the city how serious we were.
Lululemon x Throwback Fitness x HICKIES
Lululemon x HICKIES x Throwback Fitness Event
With 29 new points of retail, 13 new brand ambassadors, 4 re-opened accounts, 25 brand activations later, we successfully redefined the word hustle. So now, we're off on our next adventure...
Stay tuned…

#aLifeWithoutLaces || #ReplaceTheLace
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