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Christmas Gifts That Have Changed The Game for Kids Born in the 80's

Posted by Collin Willardson on

As the Christmas season approaches, we started reflecting about presents we have received that were total game changers. These presents lasted years and brought much joy and also jealousy if you were the only kid that didn't have it. With some of these gifts, you will agree and disagree with, but I am pretty certain we can all agree what will be the game changer for 2013.


1) 1985 The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

2) 1989 Nintendo Game boy 

3) 1989 Sega Genesis

4) 90's BMX Bike 

5) 1993 Portable CD Players with ESP

6) 1994 Sony Playstation

7) 1996 Tamagotchi

8) 1997 DVD players

9) 1997 Golden 007 on N64

10) 2001 iPod

11) 2003 Affordable Flat Screen HDTV's

12) 2006 Wii

13) 2007 iPhone

14) 2010 iPad

15) 2013 HICKIES 

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