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Founders Story

Argentinian couple Gastón Frydlewski and Mariquel Waingarten came together with compatible experience, a readiness to risk, and a transparent desire to spend more time together. HICKIES is the story of a brand that grew up in love.

When Mariquel heard her then-boyfriend’s idea for HICKIES, she recognized the fundamental need for the product to exist, because she, too, had a nagging annoyance with the twisted silhouette of shoelaces. So they decided to set up a Kickstarter campaign and test the concept.

The Kickstarter campaign raised 600% more than their goal. Fast forward: Gastón and Mariquel got married, quit their day jobs, and moved to New York City. In less than a year, by combining their passion and skill sets, they’d built a viable, burgeoning global company. Today they live in Brooklyn and happily work together every day.

HICKIES was their beginning—and only the beginning of what the pair will originate and collectively achieve.