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HICKIES was born from a desire to identify an unseen need and deliver a brand new solution — all with a dose of ingenuity, creativity, and love.

Sneaker design is one of the fastest evolving industries on the planet, but one thing has remained constant: laces that tie into a dainty little bow. To us, the slackness of shoelaces are at odds with sleek footwear designs and a hindrance to even the simplest athletics.

HICKIES lacing system are stretchable, bow-less sneaker fasteners that prove traditional lacing might not always be optimal. For fashionable, active people, we set out to change the status quo by introducing a flexible, clever and fully customizable alternative.

We knew it would take some education and justification to change lifelong bow-tying routines, but three years in, our entrepreneurial experiment has gained bona fide tractions. Plus, we’ll never stop innovating.